The “Ahead” Arrow Doesn’t Play Games

Everyday I have a 35-minute commute, most of it along 417 around Orlando. Usually there are no enforcers, but every now and again I will come across the notorious Florida Highway Patrol.

Early one morning, I was running a few minutes behind schedule, and trying to make up for it. Another car hitched up right behind me, obviously making use of my radar detector. On and off for about 3 miles, V1 kept telling me of Ka ahead, so I continued to slow down, then speed up again as the alert faded. After about the 4th cycle of this, my trailer thought I was just trying to get him off my back, so he sped ahead. Maybe 10 seconds after he passed, V1 once again said Ka ahead, only this time it didn’t fade. It got stronger.

I concluded that a Florida Highway Patroler must have been cruising ahead of us, and had just decided to duck behind one of the grassy knolls to quench his thirst for tickets. Unfortunately for the impatient one behind, I was not playing games. The second he passed by the hidden hunter, he was jumped from behind and nabbed.

Fortunately for me, I have an astonishing piece of equipment as an everyday commuting partner. Talk about plug-in peace of mind.

Frank Benevento
Longwood, FL