Almost Carded in AZ

Highway 80 in the southeast corner of Arizona is the stuff of driving dreams. As you’re heading northeast, the rugged Chiricahua mountains rise on your left; to the right lies the open desert of New Mexico. For nearly all of the ninety miles or so from Arizona’s southern border to Interstate 10, Highway 80 is virtually devoid of civilization. Visibility is excellent, the surface is smooth.

Late last January my new V1 was hustling along this very road, mounted in the windshield of my boyfriend Scott’s Boxster. With the mode set to “all bogeys,” we were blurring the white lines and watching ahead for trouble…so when V1 spoke, we listened and governed our pedals accordingly. A white smudge alongside the road—nearly a mile ahead—appeared to be the culprit. However, as we approached, the white smudge resolved into a derelict car. It was roughly located at the apex of a very large sweeping curve. As we cruised by, the V1 pointed to it and then went silent. “What the…?!” I must confess I wondered if my new best friend was losing its mind.

But only for a second. V1 exploded into life again, indicating a very strong signal ahead. Rounding the apex, the real bogey came into view; a local trooper, running a trap an hour’s drive from anywhere.

So we speculated that the sensitive V1, set to receive all signals, picked up a faint reflection from the abandoned car. The actual radar source was almost two miles, and around a curve from where we first received the warning.

Mike, I almost sent you a Valentine card.

Shannon Cross
Phoenix, AZ