And All Will be Revealed in Due Time

I was stopped at a red light. V1 was warning of one bogey ahead. Oncoming traffic waiting on the other side of the light was queued up way back down the hill to the next traffic light. All of a sudden, V1 alerted again, this time reporting five bogeys ahead at full signal strength.

First, I thought, wow, there’s some mighty fierce signal bounce going on around here. But when the cross traffic started moving, that idea seemed less likely: the five bogeys remained steadfast in the display.

Next, I thought, oh no, something has gone haywire in my V1.

Then the light changed and the oncoming traffic started to move up the hill toward the intersection, and well back in the string came five motorcycle cops with their radars running, out on a mission to do their darnedest.

I’ll never doubt my V1 Gen 2 again!

Bob Couch
Tucson, AZ

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