Another laser, another escape

My first V1 was born in 1993. It still worked great, but I sent it in for an Upgrade. Defense is vital, I figure.

And here’s an example of why I say that. I’m in the right lane of a 65-mph zone doing, well, let’s just say “what comes natcherly,” and watching a pickup in the rearview running me down at probably 90 mph. I’m in my black 1993 RX-7 twin-turbo, owned since it and the first V1 were new.

I’m amused that a big, hulking 4×4 is in the show-off lane just begging for a cop’s attention. And as I think that, I pick up a laser hit. I immediately nail the brakes which, if he’s awake, should alert the good ‘ole boy that he’s about to get a close encounter of the troubling kind. I’m now five over the posted and, as the hulk jets by, Mr. Enforcer sinks the hook with his instant-on laser.

Said Enforcer is parked sideways off-road, partially hidden, resting his laser gun on the open window. The busted 4×4 gets to watch me go by with Mr. E’s blue lights announcing to all that his day has been ruined.

The patrollers want you to believe there’s no effective defense against laser, but my experience says otherwise. V1 gives enough warning many times, particularly when there are other vehicles ahead. Also, even without much warning, a major dive on the brakes has kept my record perfect all these years.

Maybe it’s my small, rounded, black, no-chrome, hidden-headlights-and-no-front-license-plate RX-7 that delays laser lock-on, but V1 gives me an edge. Thanks, Mike.

John Werner
Athens, GA

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