Another trip, another laser hit

Here’s one for those that say laser detectors don’t work.

It was late at night, and I was driving on a dark, deserted section of Interstate 90 in PA. The posted limit is 65; my cruise control was set, oh, let’s say a scosche above.

I moved over to the left lane to pass a truck, and was along side when V1 shrieked “laser.” I immediately braked to 65. The alert ended but a few seconds later, it hit me again.

My speed was still holding at 65 based on the first hit. A few seconds later, my headlights picked up glowing stripes. Yep, a PA Highway Patroller all darked out as he hid amongst the trees in the median.

Sneaky, yeah, but my V1 finds sneaky every day of the week.

Jim Niedermyer
Brunswick, OH