As V1 is My Witness

I was driving my red Corvette to west Texas and had just exited Interstate 20 to State Highway 84. A black Honda blew by me on the broad winding turn to the north.

I sped up just to see how fast he was going…95 mph! I eased back and set the cruise to 72 mph. The Honda was getting smaller in the distance as we finished the wide sweeper. That’s when V1 let out the “BRAAAAAA” for instant-on and I saw the oncoming black-and-white.

I stayed cool at 72. LEO made a quick U-turn and switched on his dreaded flashers. “Do you know why I pulled you over?” he asked. At almost the same instant I said, “You don’t want me, you want that black Honda.”

“How fast were you going?

“Seventy two,” I said. He tipped his hat, “thank you very much,” and hustled back to his cruiser. A few miles down the road he was standing beside the black Honda.

When a wise friend says “watch out,” it pays to listen.

Curtis Fish
Lubbock, TX