Ask a Man Who Wears a Badge

I read with interest James Barnes’ comments about getting rid of his V1 when he became a police officer (December, 2003). I’m a Deputy Sheriff, and I currently own not one, but two V1s.

It simply would never have occurred to me that, just because I’m an officer of the law, I’m not allowed to own a V1.

There are more cops out there than you’d believe who have detectors in their private vehicles, simply because there’s no guarantee that the “MasterShield” they carry in their wallets will prevent tickets.

The problem: most have what I call weak “Kung Fu” when it comes to knowledge of equipment. I cringe when one of my buddies shows me his new department-store radar detector.

Yes, I stop drivers, but they don’t always get a ticket. Most of the time, they get a warning, and if they have a sub-standard detector, some advice:

Someone with a V1 and a bad habit of going 20-30 or more over the limit is still going to have many court appointments: it’s one of those “Circle of Life” things.

I’m looking forward to doing the second upgrade on my V1s.

Remember, Drive responsibly, and drive with a V1.

Joseph J. Murray
Prescott Valley, AZ