Attila the Weedeater

I’m an airline employee as well as a professional driver for folks who summer in NY and winter in FL. During each migration I have the pleasure of driving Lexus, Infiniti, and the likes. About a year ago I was running one of the cars north when I was “popped” by a Maryland State Trooper. Upon returning home wounded, I purchased my very own Valentine.

I absolutely love it.

The very next trip north was an entirely different sortie. While traveling on I-95 through North Carolina, my V1 warned “ahead.” The warning was slow. I maintained speed. After a mile or so, it grew more intense. I decided to get legal. As I continued, the Radar Locator changed to “side,” then “behind.” I did not see a cruiser or anything that looked undercover.

V1 was silent a few moments, then erupted in a full-scale warning “behind.” By that time I was back in the fast lane at level cruise. I slowed instantly and moved over. The Mustang behind me didn’t take the cue.

Watching my mirror, I saw a cruiser emerging from the median through swaying weeds. No wonder I missed him; he was hiding in green stuff as high as his roof. He ran down the Mustang.

Now I’ve had at least ten New York-to-Florida trips with V1. In my professional opinion…VALENTINE ONE ROCKS!!! Keep up the excellent work. I recommend it to everyone.

Jeff Bebber
Plantation, FL