Avoid Radar, Meet Girls

I’m by myself in the middle of Texas. Then I notice another car, something sporty, approaching from way back. I’m going a good click and it’s just a bit faster.

As we come up on some small rises, I’m getting faint Ka mixed with K on V1, so I let up a bit. Sports car does the same. We pass three troopers in the median just over a hill. Now I’m getting two signals from the rear and another faint one to the front. The girl in the Celica behind gets back into the gas, and as she’s passing I wave her down–give her the “head pat” signal and point ahead. She slows. Sure enough, over the next rise two more troopers, one outside with his radar gun.

Next ramp I pull off and so does Celica girl. As I’m pumping gas she comes up to thank me. Seems she just bought her new detector—the best on market according to the guy at the stereo shop, who took her $455. She wanted to know how I knew of the second trap. I showed her V1 and she showed me the newest thing from Valentines’ competition. She’d never heard of Valentine One, but I got a kiss and phone number for a VERY sparky sorority girl in Houston.

Valentine One—helping car guys get cute girls since 1992.

Hans Romer
Westminster, CO