Why? Because V1 Says So

Got my V1 for Christmas. There is an area where a new Home Depot was built. It is about a half mile from the road but close enough so that the self-opening doors give off a signal. Our Solo would always chirp and we would ignore it when we hit this area.

I am in my car and my wife is behind in hers, on our way to two different destinations. When I hit the Home Depot zone, this time I get four bogies. I buzz her on the two-way and tell her to get legal.

She says, “Why? This is where we always get a false signal.”

“I’m getting a gang of four,” I tell her.

We go through the area and she two-ways me and says, “I told you it’s a typical alarm.”

Just then I get an arrow from the right side, then from the rear, and sure enough there’s LEO. I two-way her: “Look back; snake in the grass.”

She did. And now she wants a V1 for her birthday.

Ray Bricking
Melbourne, KY