Beeps at the Back Door

I live in New Mexico. There is a lot of space between towns, and we drive accordingly. I was running about 80 on a back highway outside of Fort Sumner, headed towards Albuquerque. There wasn’t much traffic early in the morning and I would notice, once in awhile, that my Valentine One would kinda beep, and then nothing. After about 20 miles, I figured it out. Each time I met an oncoming vehicle, about two to three minutes later, V1 would beep. I started watching for the arrow, which way was it pointing. Every time it pointed behind.

Aha, I will slow down, because I am thinking that there is a cop back there turning his radar off and on as these vehicles are coming at him. After about 15 minutes of 65, here comes in my mirror a county sheriff. He passes, and after watching him get small in the windshield, I eased back up to 80 for the next 20 miles and never saw him again.

Moral of the story: watch the arrows even if you think you’re getting a false. The arrows aren’t guessing.

Bryce Bender
Clovis, NM