The Best Christmas Present Ever

I was reading Car and Driver, sitting on the couch at Johanna’s parents’ house; she was my girlfriend. The issue featured a test of radar detectors. I remember mentioning to her, I wish I could afford the winner. It was Valentine One.

Christmas came, I opened the package and there was Valentine One. I remember the year now only because I opened the original box just five days ago, and inside was the receipt: 12/19/1995.

In nine years I never received a ticket while the Valentine One was on duty in the center of my windshield. Never, not once…until a month ago.

I have never been one to argue a ticket. I accept my fate and pay up. But this time I had to ask, “What did you hit me with?” “Ka,” he said. Silly me. I passed when Valentine offered the upgrade to Ka coverage.

So today I am saddened to replace the best detector I’ve ever owned. I went to the website, entered my serial number, printed the page, and now after nine years I’m getting an upgrade, to the 2004 V1, of course.

This is the part that eases the pain: In 1995, the cost was $399.00 plus $24.95 tax plus $9.25 shipping. Total: $430.20. Today the price is almost identical. Over nine years on top and Mike Valentine has not increased the price. Additionally, when I filled out the upgrade I got credit towards the new detector simply because I own one already. Amazing.

Sad to say, things did not work out between Joanna and me. But I do see her once a year at our Christmas party, and I get to tell her about the best Christmas present ever.

Jeffrey Probst
Dublin, Ohio