Best Early Christmas Present Ever

I asked Mom for a V1 for Christmas. I told her it was the only thing I wanted so, please, could I have it early. Boy, am I glad!

I was driving to hockey practice, I-69 to Indy from Fort Wayne. After about 30 minutes, we had our little party of followers. Two of them also had detectors but still wanted to stay behind.

This stretch has yellow barrels before every bridge, and the cops sit behind them at an angle so you see nothing until you’re right there (a week before, same thing, and my old detector didn’t smell a thing). This time, leading the pack, I noticed a hit of Ka and tapped the brake by habit. Five seconds later, another hit, stronger this time, so I dropped the pace, and the others blew by me like I had a flat.

As we approached a bridge, I remembered from the prior week; the barrels were blocking the signals so detectors wouldn’t know. I told my buddy, “Watch, a cop will be under the bridge.” He laughed. When the cars in front of us got close, it looked like a whole line of Christmas lights came on. All of the drivers got a scare and one got nailed.

Thanks, mom.

D.J. Fisher
Fort Wayne, IN