Beyond the Shiny Promise, Uh-Oh!

My V1 Gen2 is superior to my original V1, fewer false alerts. I have two Golf GTIs, a 2003 and a 2018. I wanted a new detector for the newer GTI. A Uniden R7 looks more in-tune with the 2018’s interior design so I bought that.

Love the looks, love the GPS speed display and the compass. But almost instantly on my first drive with it, K-band starts blaring. The Uniden falses a lot. Disappointed with this, I put my V1 Gen2 side-by-side with the Uniden for several days now, and it seems to go off ten times for every single peep from V1 Gen2.

Even in city and advanced, the Uniden goes off a lot. It’s totally useless. Moral of the story here—bells and whistles on the Uniden enticed me to buy it. But not to keep it. This guy is off to return it and get another V1 Gen2. I didn’t know when I had it good.

Evangelos Dimitriadis
Manning, SC