Blue Sky, Chance of Radar

I was on Washington 522 in a fast red car, pushing it a little, yeah, but nothing that would arouse the posse.   

V1 beeped and I got wary, moved to the right lane and set the cruise at 55.  All the vehicles I had overtaken began streaming by me in the left lane.  Ahead, up around a bend, I glimpsed one of Washington’s finest just coming into view on the shoulder, spraying his death-ray at all comers.

I had to laugh as the noses of all the SUVs dipped, their newly-awakened drivers having hammered their brakes.   Last I saw, the Trooper’s red-and-blues had come on. Someone was going down.

V1 showed it’s worth that day–the warning time I had to, uh, adjust my behavior was nothing short of luxurious.

Adam Smith
Renton, WA