Busting bass boats

I’ve had my V1 for years now, memorabilia from the days of having a hot foot on the highways. A few years ago it went on the blink, so I retired it at the same time I retired my fast-forward ways.

I live in Florida and fish bass tournaments on the St. Johns River. They are killing us with 25- and 30-mph limits on the river. They are using radar guns and writing tickets. Yes, I learned this the hard way.

Hmmm, wouldn’t a radar detector solve that problem?

I send mine back for repair. The good news, the fix was fast and cheap. I have had this V1 for years and the company takes care of it like I was their most valuable customer. Wow! Is that service or what?

I put it in my boat and first time out, coming around a corner, it starts beeping. I slow down, get around the bend, and there he is. Two of them, actually, with two boats already pulled over. Heh, heh, but not me.

Later, my buddies asked me why I was going so slow. I laughed and told them to go look on the dashboard of my boat. They couldn’t believe it, but now there are more and more bass boats with radar detectors showing up for tournaments. And my boat sure doesn’t go bassing without my V1.

It makes my wife feel a lot better, and me, too, not having to explain to her another bust on the river. LOL

Mark Sills
Orange City, Fl