But Wait, There’s More!

I was traveling amongst a group of cars on the interstate.  My Valentine One started chirping.  Everyone slowed down as we went by a highway patrol car that was sitting on an on-ramp.

As soon as we passed the authority figure, everyone sped back up.  But instead of the arrow pointing rearward to the patroller we’d left behind, V1 was now indicating not one, but two bogies ahead.  I didn’t speed up, and soon saw one of the cars in our group getting pulled over, and another highway patrol car parked further up the road with a “client.”

If not for the directional arrows on my Valentine One, I would not have recognized that the first police car we passed was just a decoy, and I would have yielded to my need for speed just as all the others did.

Valentine One never follows the crowd.  Well done!

Patrick Hoyt
Cresson, TX