Cheap was my way, until it wasn’t

I’ve always had a radar detector and I always opted for cheap. With instant-on out there, how much difference could there be? Boy, was I ever wrong!

On my job I test drive customer cars, three or four times a day on the same stretch of road. One of the customers left his V1 plugged in. I leave the shop making a right, heading out of town in a 25 zone, which switches to 45 just before town ends. The enforcers have a hidey spot where they can zap me right before the 45 starts. They only do this occasionally, but I drive that section so often, probably a thousand times a year, so I’m wise to them.

The second I made the right out of the shop, V1 gave a two-dot alert. A false, I figured, because the hidey spot was still a mile away. But the closer I drove, the more the V1 wouldn’t let me forget. Sure enough, he was holed up right where V1 said. I was definitely impressed.

Then to further confirm its prowess, a few minutes later I was heading down the four lane when it picked up a Ka. About a mile later, bingo, just like V1 said. Wow, V1 saved me from having to explain to the boss why I was speeding in a customer car, and I didn’t even own the darn thing.

I went home that night and ordered a V1 for myself. It ain’t cheap but it’s sure worth the price.

Mike Butt
Wauconda, IL