Cheesehead Subterfuge

I had my Vette out on Saturday. Normally I don’t use radar detectors, but in that car you have to. Anyway, I rolled on to I-43 and five seconds later V1 went nuts telling me the radar was behind me. There were two cars back there, a minivan and a Bonneville. I thought maybe the Bonneville could have been an unmarked car, (even though they haven’t built them for several years), so I chilled out. As the van started to pass, V1 tells me the radar is beside me. Wisconsin troopers are using unmarked minivans for traffic enforcement?

Yep. The Bonneville got pulled over about four minutes later. Coming back, the same sneaky mini van was watching the northbound lanes and tagged a Michigan car that blew by me.

My radar engineer friend recommended the Valentine, but it took sneaky cheesehead troopers in mini vans to make me feel justified in the purchase.

Brian Jacobi
Sheboygan, WI