Context Counts

I bought my V1 just in time for a trip from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Miami.

Along with two other two cars, we were cruising fast. It was clear the others had detectors. They always knew about the traps around the same time I did. They had Escorts, and I began to wonder if my new V1 was worth the price.

As the moon came out, the pace picked up and I took the lead. Not three minutes later, I got a medium-strength Ka blast. We quickly slowed, only to find it was a sign informing us of our speed. But just as the sign came into sight, another Ka shot jumped the bogey count to two. A false alarm? The arrows said both bogeys were straight ahead. I cut the power and switched to the middle lane. All I could see ahead were two overpasses, separated by about 200 yards. The other cars swung to the outside lanes and raced by as I continued in the middle, exactly on the limit. As we cleared the first bridge, my arrows told half a story: the front arrow went dark and the signal went to full blast. I knew the radar was on that bridge, firing at the road below. I passed under the second bridge, into the final chapter—a pair of white Crown Vics were waiting, one behindeach abutment, ready to pounce. They lit up and flew by me just as those other cars had.

My traveling companions took home speeding tickets, and I got something much better; I learned the true value of my new V1. Sure, maybe an Escort can find radar, but what good is that information if you don’t know the context? Not having those arrows and the bogey counter means you aren’t getting the whole picture. Why buy if it sees six cops and still gives you that same old beep?

Thanks Mike, I’m sincerely sorry for doubting the value of V1.

Matt R.
Ann Arbor, MI