Cover Your Six, or Have Your License Ready

This one takes place in the California Mohave desert, roughly 50 miles from the Arizona border. Myself and four fellow Toyota Supra owners were driving our very modified cars home from the Los Angeles Sports Car Meet.

We were cruising through the desert at a clip, well, I’ll be discreet. But with all five of the cars properly maintained and tuned, and with light traffic, we felt safe—not to mention 3 of the 5 cars had Valentine One Radar Locators.

We came across, and passed, a new 300M. Seeing our caravan on the move, the 300M owner grew bold and began to tag along. Surely the Chrysler would go unnoticed in the 3400 horsepower train—or so he thought.

I was in the back of the pack with the 300M trailing me. Out of nowhere, V1 alerts me to a single Ka shot from the back, signal strength of one. I radioed to the rest of the group; bogey coming up from the back. The signal stopped, then for several minutes came back intermittently. Could this be the fabled “highway hunter” using his new same-lane, Ka speed gun?

The signal went constant, and began slowly creeping up the V1’s LED light scale. Just then the 300M, irritated by our change of speed, made the fatal move into the left lane and began his pass. As he cleared behind me, I saw the patrol in the distance, quickly approaching, V1 on full alert. The 300M was nabbed as he passed the second car in our caravan.

Despite the menacing look of five high performance cars driving through the desert, the Chrysler was singled out. As it pulled to the dusty shoulder, one of the others radioed, “That’s the best $400 I’ve ever spent.”

I certainly agree. Thanks for making and supporting such a superior product.

Dennis Walsh
Tucson, AZ

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