The Defendant Gets Long-Term Defense

Before becoming a California attorney, I was a Valentine One believer. Both family cars have upgraded V1s.

I was recently retained by a client with a long drive to work through Bogeyland. Said client was collecting tickets at a pace that threatened the driving license. Though I was retained only to defend against several speeding tickets in court, I recommended to the client that the best long term solution/protection was a V1. At the client’s office, at my insistence, your website was accessed and a V1 purchased online. Although it was against my monetary interest for the tickets to stop, relying on V1 was in the client’s best interest.

Said client was also directed to read the V1 Moments section for the educational value therein.

The client is already grateful. Loyalty to V1 will follow, I am certain. As in my business, a satisfied client is the best possible referral.

Gary Casselman
Los Angeles, CA