D’ju see how fast the other guy wuz goin?

My wife and I were driving east on I-70 towards Topeka, KS. Traffic was fairly heavy on this four lane interstate, and a little too pokey to suit me. I had moved into the left lane to overtake a Camaro and was just about around him as we approached an overpass on a curve to the right. The abutment holding up the overhead “bridge” was pretty close to the right shoulder, and as I neared it I picked up a single “brap”. I instantly applied the brakes and as the Camaro went by me on the right, I spotted the trooper that had been hidden by the bridge structure.

Sure enough…here he comes!

He pulled in behind me, and I headed for the shoulder. He walked up to my Suburban, and asked if I knew how fast I had been going. I said that I wasn’t sure, but felt it was around the posted limit, and I knew it wasn’t as fast as that Camaro. “Hell, he was in such a hurry he passed me on the right,” I said.

An exasperated look spread across the trooper’s face; “Dammit, I was afraid it was him!”

He let me go. And, of course, by that time the offending Camaro was over the horizon.


Bob Hoffmann
Haysville, KS