Doctor’s Little Helper

I deliver babies for a living. Naturally, that gets me out and about at all hours. I am rushing to the hospital often after 2AM when the only ones out are people leaving bars, cops looking for people leaving bars, and doctors going to the hospital. The cops have a hard time telling us apart so they stop you for the slightest infraction. Needless to say, it pays to keep a low profile, and to know when the hunters are out.

Generally, I don’t speed. Even when there’s an emergency I don’t speed much. It’s not worth it to gain an extra 30 seconds. But sometimes you just can’t help it. I also end up driving through 11 different towns between home and the hospital. That’s 11 different police departments with 11 different sets of detection systems and 11 different attitudes towards speeding.

I have NEVER, in more than 10 years, been stopped for speeding in any of those towns with my V1 on and detecting. I look at it this way. It helps me keep my speed down and drive safely, it helps keep the cops safe instead of chasing after me, and helps keep them looking at the bad guys instead of at Doc running off to catch a baby in the middle of the night.

Not much of a dramatic story. Just a simple explanation of how V1 actually helps the cops do their job better and not waste their time on little old me.

Richard Lewis
Manasquan, NJ