The downhill pounce-and-grab

As part of my job, I drive between Los Angeles and Las Vegas at least three times a week. I knew I had been pushing my luck, and had had several close ones with the authority figures on my long desert drives. So I bought a V1. Life will never be the same.

I was southbound on I-15. V1 came awake just as I approached the summit leading to the long, straight, downhill between Halloran Springs and Baker, California, lighting up…one…then two…then three bogeys! I quickly got religion and slipped into the right lane.

I had been running with a fast pack, and I had noticed that several of them had “other” detectors. They were still cruising as I dropped back. Just past the summit was a Chipper sitting on the right shoulder running Ka. Once they topped the crest, folks with the other detectors hit their brakes. V1 had alerted me at least a half mile sooner. They slowed briefly for that encounter, but once past jumped right back up to their higher speed. What they couldn’t anticipate—but I did thanks to V1—was the other CHP units lurking in the brush all down the 15-mile hill. One would jump out and grab a speeder, the rest of the pack would slow for a half mile or so before resuming their cruising pace; then BAM, another pounce and grab.

I now had bogeys everywhere, three behind and three more up front. All together there were eight CHP units working that hill that evening. And I made my slowest-ever trip down that mountain. I know that if it wasn’t for V1, I would have been one of the pouncees. Thanks, Mike, for a great product!

Richard Malsed
Coarsegold, CA