Driver, Know Thyself

I travel back and forth on the New Jersey Turnpike almost every weekend. Most of the toll booths with E-Z Pass have radar telling your speed. On my first trip with my new V1, it found the radar while I was still on the on-ramp. I was sold! With this amazing piece of engineering I felt invincible.

V1 made me see things I would have missed with any other detector. I was cruising along when another car started pacing me. It was a friendly thing, he would clear the left lane, then I would, until Ka started to go off. I slowed to 65 in the left lane. He wasn’t happy. The arrows followed a State Trooper sitting under an overpass. He was hidden behind the pylon. I then got over after it was clear and the other driver just gave me a nasty glare. My V1 had just saved us both, but he didn’t appreciate it. I guess that’s a Jersey driver for you.

Then again, I’m one myself. Which is why I got the V1!

Greg L.
Sewell, NJ

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