Eeny, Meeny, Miny…Uh-oh!

After plenty of research, the Valentine 1 looked best. Still, the penny-pincher in me balked; would the Bogey Counter and directional arrows really be worth $399? I bit the bullet and two days later V1 was on my windshield.

The next morning I was on I-20 heading through the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex when I came out of a curve into a popular speed trap location; LEO likes to hide there in the shadow of an overpass. V1 lit up with two K-band bogeys ahead so I hit the brake, but as I drove by there was no speed trap. False alarm.

Later that day my girlfriend was following me through the same stretch and I had cautioned her to stay behind me for the trip. As we approached that location my V1 again lit up with K-band bogeys, but this time the Counter showed three. We both slowed, and sure enough, there was LEO on a motorcycle shooting traffic. His strobes lit up, but it was the driver in front of us who had to bite the bullet this time. Citation for him, amazing demonstration of V1’s wisdom for us as we drove on by.

Any doubts I had about V1’s worth were immediately erased. Nothing short of a Bogey Counter could have revealed that trap. It’s hard to find things that are worth what you pay for them, but this detector is a break-out deal. Thanks for such a great product!

Jason Kelley
Arlington, TX