Even if it’s a gimmick, it’s a great one

I always thought radar detectors were gimmicks, so I didn’t have one for my trip from SC to NY. Didn’t get far without a ticket-Pennsylvania. Officer Friendly didn’t let me off, but dinged me only five over.

I stopped at a truck stop a few miles up the road and bought a cheap Cobra detector. Most of the time it gave me just enough warning to slam on the brakes, which is at least as dangerous as speeding. After more research, the arrows and bogey counter sold me. Yesterday, V1 arrived and I installed it immediately.

As soon as I exited the college parking lot I got a three count of weak K alerts. I figured the first two might be automatic doors at the drugstore just a quarter-mile up the road. And sure enough, as I passed them, the arrows went to the rear. But I was still getting an alert ahead with the forward arrow flashing. I thought it could have been another door, but it was very strong. Then, about a mile up the road, I met a local LEO spraying K-band as he drove my way.

Within two minutes of installation, I knew for sure V1 was the best decision I have ever made.

Daniel Hevelow
Rock Hill, SC