False alarms upgraded away

I have two V1s, both long timers. The one in my daily driver was giving me more and more false alarms. I read that there was a new feature, Junk-K Fighter I think you call it, so I told my wonderful wife this upgrade is what I wanted for Christmas.

I sent in my old V1, received the new one in less than a week–great turnaround–and have been using it for about a month now. WOW, this has made my old V1 as good as when it was new. My false alarm rate has diminished so greatly that the other unit I have in my Porsche will be getting upgraded soon. I cannot tell you how wonderful this is. No more false alarms from blind spot detectors as more and more new cars have them. I brag about my V1 all the time and tell all my friends there is no better detector on the market.

Robert Newton
Corpus Christi, TX