Full alert in the YewPee

Was on my motorcycle in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the final leg of the Lake Superior Circle Tour. After that many miles, needless to say I wanted to get home. So I was moving at a very good clip on the remote roads, nothing but trees for witnesses, when V1 came to life.

An officer out here? Can’t be. Gotta be a false. But I clamped the binders and hauled down hard to 55. I came over a slight rise in a limited-visibility curve–!#%#&!–in the center of the road was a dump truck and two-man road crew patching and laying down road snakes.

Had V1 not picked up on their warning beacon I would have smacked them, or taken to the ditch in a desperate effort to avoid–either option would have made for a really bad day.

V1 literally saved my life. That little miracle has a lot more value than just detecting police radar. I never ride without V1.

Kendall Smith
Walker, MN