Goodbye, Old Friend

Mike, this is less of a “moment” and more of a good-bye to an old friend…Valentine One serial number 3060550373. I purchased that guy from you back in 1994 and he has kept a watchful eye over my most important life changes. Now he is going back to you for an “upgrade”.

He was there for me when I was fresh out of college and trying to make my way through real life, which included the BMW Car Club of America; so many moments getting to and from the track—Laguna Seca more often than not.

Then I realized that I needed more for a career, which led to admission to medical school—clear across the country in Philadelphia. Again, V1 was there for me through the numerous speed traps along Interstate 80.

After med school was residency in Denver. A long drive, again with V1 watching over me.

I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent with him or how many times I’ve heard the start up chirps, but today was the last time. He went into a box and on the way back to his place of birth after nearly 15 years on my windshield.

So, thank you, Mike. I’ve never had a problem with SN 3060550373 and he delivered me through countless moments. It was a moment of a different sort, sending him back, bittersweet, but I know his replacement will carry on superbly.

Isaac Chankai
Highlands Ranch, CO

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