Goose hunters bag bogeys

I was with a friend on a recent two-lane trip for the goose-hunting opener—think Double Nickel roads. He was driving my car and asking if the V1 was really worth the money.

As we hustled along we encountered a K band signal. When it grew stronger and stronger we eased back to 55 just in time to meet a state trooper. As he went by we watched the red arrow change from front to back. My friend was impressed.

But wait, there’s more. Just as the rear arrow brightened a second bogey lit up the front again. Way out in the country as we were, I was surprised to be in range of two signals at once. Sure enough, two miles after meeting the first trooper we found the second, just waiting for us on the side of the road.

With any other detector I would have said “charge on,” thinking the warning was a continuation of the first trooper. If it hadn’t been for the bogey counter and the arrows, we would have hustled ourselves right back up into the uh-oh zone.

My friend never asked again if the V1 was worth it. He was sold. There’s nothing like a slam- dunk example of why the V1 is the best.

Kai Thomsen
Edina, MN