Heading for the Texas horizon

Got my V1 and was eager to try it out in the Adrenaline Rally, Dallas to Houston in the fast lane. There was a full-on rumble of great cars: my SS Camaro, a supercharged Camaro, plus a Ferrari, Lambo and a bunch of other superhighway heroes.

As we roll into one of the small Texas towns on the way, the local sheriff is sitting proud and broadcasting his Ka greeting. No worries, V1 was on duty. All 20 cars slowed appropriately and did some formation driving through town. As we get to the turn to head south down a two lane road, we see another sheriff talking on his phone, showing no interest in us. Once we clear the edge of town the hammers go down and speedo needles rise. Check that “showing no interest” comment–V1 reports Ka approaching from the rear.

As the only V1 user in the group, I light up the radio to spread the warning. Apparently one of the sheriffs decided to follow … all the way to the county line.

Without V1, who knows what would’ve happened. We waved adios to him as we departed his jurisdiction and once again felt the thrill of wide-open spaces. Love my V1.

Eric Beam
Schertz, TX