Hidden, But Not From V1

The intersection of I-10 and 1604 in San Antonio, TX, is a notorious speed trap. Maybe it was just good luck, but I’ve never seen an officer loitering about with his magic ticket gun…until today.

V1 was pinging Ka band. I had plenty of time, so no worries there. I made it through the overpass, watching V1 to tell me where LEO is. The signal direction suddenly snaps to the rear and I hear full max alert.

What the #@$&?

There was no squad car, no traffic bike, nor any other vehicles sitting about looking suspicious. Not even the tried and true broken down van. I was baffled. And curious, so much so that I took the next off I10 ramp off and came around for another look.

Now, what’s really sweet for them, and treacherous for motorists, about this intersection is that the concrete barriers form little slots invisible to oncoming traffic but open on the departing side. Back a cruiser into one of these, it’s invisible on the approach but has a straight shot out onto the highway.

Guess where I found officer friendly? I just love my V1 to death.

John Hopper
San Antonio, TX