Hiding behind the obvious

While on the PA turnpike on my way up to Penn State for a football game, a trip I have made many times, I had numerous encounters with PA State Troopers running low-powered K-band guns. Here’s what made these encounters tricky—the State Troopers got smart; they were setting up their K’s next to Ka band speed signs, within 50 feet of them.

If I had still been using my old Escort 8500, it would have picked up only the Ka band due to the way it prioritizes its detections. But praise be, V1 was picking up both the speed signs and the troopers, with the counter showing double bogeys each time.

Without V1, I would have been duped, thinking the source was the usual Ka false and I would have driven right into the trap without a thought. You’ve got to love the Bogey Counter and the arrows; they prevent more than uh-oh moments, they save you from the duhs, too.

Vinny (Full Name on File)
Marlton, NJ