Hostiles Out on the Prairie

We decided to make a quick weekend trip across rural Nebraska and South Dakota. Grabbed the V1 Gen2 out of the work pickup and hit the road–it goes everywhere with me.

I am so glad. On that 300-mile Friday night, I encountered five Ka alerts and one K, all of which could have been award winners.

One particular encounter stands out—I kept picking up short Ka alerts seemingly randomly, so I throttled back to a wary pace. But after about six miles I was ready to dismiss those beeps as some kind of quirky malfunction. But just then they started to strengthen. So I stayed wary. Then coming into the edge of a small town where the speed limit dropped rapidly from 65 to 35, V1 Gen2 went full boogie. A county sheriff was sitting in the dark just inside that 35-MPH zone.

When I got to the motel, I went over the data that JBV1 had collected—9.6 miles from the first chirp to the actual encounter! I loved my V1 Gen1 but V1 Gen2 is absolutely amazing.

James Callaway
Broken Bow, NE