I Slowed, They Didn’t

I have been a devout Passport user for ten years. Having to buy yet another model to get the up-to-date protection was always an irritation With that in mind, Passport sent me a special rebate on the new 8500. I thought about it, then did some research. I chose V1 instead.

Over the years, Passport had done well but not well enough. There were tickets, always coming over hills or rounding bends into the guns of waiting cruisers.

Just one week after receiving my V1, I was northbound on IL 255 approaching an overpass. Several parasites were on my tail. V1 gave a quick Ka chirp. slowed, just in case. The crowd kept going.

As I topped the overpass, there sat the biggest state police group I have ever seen. Each of them picked a target and made a collar. I easily drove through the frenzy. I was on the numbers, all the others were exceeding.

After Passport’s history of waving me into such situations, I’ve become a V1 believer. With earlier warnings, radar location, and upgrades instead of having to buy new detector, I’m with V1 for the long haul.

David Doyle
Godfrey, Illinois