If it’s not V1 it’s a compromise

In the ticket-avoidance game I’m a lifer. Before detectors I had CB radios, then I bought a Fuzzbuster back in the 70’s, then Cobras and Escorts. I thought they were great卽ntil the V1 came out.

Nothing compares. I had forgotten what a difference the arrows and bogey counter make until I sent my V1 in for an upgrade. To get by while it was gone, I bought an ordinary detector. It was darn near worthless. Yes, it beeped, but then what? Radar is everywhere around Tampa Bay. Where were threats? How many? I would look all around and usually saw nothing.

False alarm? Probably on the other bridge going in the opposite direction, but how would you know? I dared not speed up. It was nerve wracking. I would get so busy looking for threats that grandmothers were passing me.

Then I finally got V1 back. What a relief! Now I can drive again. When it comes to detectors, there’s no second place, only compromises. I tell my friends to buy a V1 and use it for a month. If they can go back to their old brand, I will buy the V1 from them for a spare. No one ever wants to go back.

Linwood Gilbert
Tampa, FL