Impatience and no V1, tsk, tsk

This is eerily similar to a V1 Moment you ran a few months ago. I drive a new Corvette and everyone wants to race away from stoplights. Sorry, pal, but I save my racing for the track, thank you.

On my way to a nearby beach a few days ago I was cruising at a respectful 28 mph in a 25 zone, on a road that has one of those portable your-speed-is units on the straightaway to the beach entrance.

Wouldn’t you know, an Audi S5 behind me decided that I’m just one of those stereotypical Old-Men-in-a-Corvette guys, so he gave it a quick blast to go around me and save a precious fifteen seconds of his life.

Sadly, he never gave me enough time to warn him; my V1 was chirping like a maniac and there was a big red number 2 on the Counter. “Listen, son, if I’m down to 28 mph there is a damned good reason and it has nothing to do with my age.”

The cycle cop had him before I could even finish the thought.

Stephen Lutz
Norwalk, CT