Intimacy on the Interstate

Day before Thanksgiving, I head off to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, through the desert on I-15.  My V1 Gen2 (a.k.a. known as The Precious) routinely gives me insanely long-range detection in the flat desert terrain, sometimes up to seven miles away.

As I start the downhill approach to Stateline, the border town between Nevada and California, The Precious goes crazy on KA band.  Seven bogeys!  Seven???  Can’t possibly be true.  Must need a firmware fix.

The road curves up ahead to begin the downhill portion.  Most people end up going 80-90 because it’s a steep downhill that goes for miles.

I round the curve and start downhill, slowing some because The Precious is giving me the full Watch Out!

Uh-huh, lined up for the next mile I see, not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but seven CHP motorcycles all running radar and ready to ruin holiday travelers’ weekends.

I give The Precious a reassuring pat and say, “I’ll never doubt you again, Baby.

Scott Kirkland
Simi Valley, CA