Is It Broken In Yet?

A new motorcycle deserves a new Valentine 1…and after positioning the instrument on the mount, I went for a short ride to make sure everything was okay.

On the next ride, the V1 went flying off. I had forgotten to finalize the mount by permanently installing the Velcro. It slid perhaps 100 feet down the road and was hit by several vehicles. Naturally I pulled over, disgusted with myself, and retrieved the remains. Much to my surprise, it still works!

I returned it to Valentine Research for a diagnostic check-up. They said the unit still functioned properly and gave me an excellent price on a cosmetic restoration.

My family and I have had V1s for over a dozen years. I always knew they were the best for performance. Trust me, now I know the construction is second to none, too.

Terry Venturi
Vineland, NJ