It really works

I live on a rural road rarely roamed by the authorities, so on my morning and evening commutes, I enjoy a spirited yet safe drive. Not so on some of the other roads in the area, which are decorated with trooper and sheriff cars. So after seeing a review in the online motorcycle magazine, Backroads, and watching V1 work on their rides, I bought one for myself.

The very first morning I had it, about a mile from my house, it started beeping; the bogey counter registered “2.”

That’s impossible, I thought葉his road doesn’t draw a single cop, much less a pair. I was dubious about this new device, but slowed anyway.

Amazingly, as I started to crest the hill, I could see flashing lights. Just beyond the crest, a sheriff’s car was pulled over, apparently in some mechanical difficulty, and a second unit was pulled up right behind it.

I grinned a happy grin and continued on to work, knowing the V1 had just passed its entrance exam in a big way. I’ve had other experiences since that confirm the rightness of my purchase, but none are equal to the happy surprise that first morning.

Mark Byers
Leonardtown, MD