It’s Dark, But V1 Sees Them Coming

My 1993-vintage V1 still does its job well. While cruising one night at 71 mph on the New York Thruway from Rochester to Buffalo, I got a K alert. The bogey count was 1, arrow pointing to the rear.

Seconds later I’m passed by a New York State Police (NYSP) cruiser. Now the arrow points forward. The bogey count is still 1.

The cruiser’s taillights are getting smaller. Everywhere else is darkness. Suddenly the bogey count steps up…2…3…4…5…now 6! The front arrow is still flashing but the rear arrow is bright too. And signal strength is getting progressively stronger. I see headlights now at the rear. They’re growing.

Cruisers race past me. One at a time. At short intervals. From several different enforcement agencies. Once they’re past, V1 points forward only, and the bogey count slowly drops to zero.

What was this about? A multi-jurisdictional moving trap? Who knows? I’m just glad to have a detector that tells me exactly where they are when they seem to be everywhere.

Patrols around here are upgrading with more Ka-band radar guns.So I’m sending in my old V1 for an upgrade too.

Lonnie Pollocks
Rochester, New York