It’s Not Noise If You Have V1

I’m a frequent driver through the Chicago Metropolitan area. It’s clotted with radar signals, from both police and non-police sources.

Recently, coming down US-34 (Odgen Avenue), I came across a thicket of the non-police variety, door openers from what I could tell. But imbedded within them was a Ka alert…from Ahead. I was only doing about seven over the limit, cautious considering the typical of traffic flow, but I’m an out-of-stater and that makes me easy money for revenuers. So I slowed down a bit…and low and behold, about 1/2 mile up, there was a hidden Downers Grove unit doing radar duty.

Great job V-1! But it gets more interesting.

Rolling down the Tri-State Tollroad (I-294), I had V1 still in Advanced Logic Mode to cull out the non-police distractions. While making haste in a 55mph zone, V1 alerted me to an X-band signal dead ahead, just strong enough to light two LEDs. Over the course of the next mile, the bar graph lengthened to three, then five.

Hmmm, was this a REAL X-band trap? Or one of those “Road Construction Ahead” signs that transmit X-band? Within another mile I had a full-tilt X alert. Now I was in the center lane backed down 10 mph while others in the left lane were flying by.

Bingo! There was an Illinois State authority in the median “looking” for payees in the left lane, his X-band radar on full blast.

Now, I know some other radar detectors (and some testers) praise their X-band defeat features. But after this scenario, I cannot understand anybody not wanting FULL protection all the time! With V1’s directional arrows, I know exactly what I’m up against.

V-1 kicks some serious butt! Thanks for an awesome product!

Jim Lehocky
Cadillac, Michigan