Just between us alpha dogs

So maybe I’m an alpha dog—I have to admit that while cruising down the highway, I tend to lead, not follow. As the “coupons” stacked up, I became more than just interested in electronic countermeasures. I bought my 2011 Taurus SHO and my Valentine One the same day.

Here’s a typical scene…I-96 westbound through Livonia, MI, number one in the nation for speeding tickets. They’re brutally efficient. Classic trap, patrol car stationary on an overpass laser tagging vehicles for the six troopers lined up just ahead.

Situational awareness…V1 screams “laser” more than a mile out. I’m in a group of five cars, all casually oblivious to the suggestion of speed limits. V1 assures me this isn’t someone’s adaptive cruise control or some other anomaly. I hastily bail from the left lane, sadly relinquishing my leader-of-the-pack position and drop back as my road companions—four poor souls seemingly annoyed they lost their alpha dog—blast past me.

Result: 80 percent success rate for Livonia’s finest, 100 percent success for my V1. I haven’t had a coupon since the day I got my V1, thanks to that most-alpha of all dogs, Mike V. himself.

Brian Burns
Dearborn Heights, MI