Keeping Up With the Law in Texas

I am a college student. I travel from Waco, where I go to school, to my home and several other places across Texas and Louisiana—92,548 miles worth in two years.

I had an encounter with a state trooper north of College Station. I had been following him, about a half-mile behind, for about 80 miles. He was using a Stalker with front and rear Ka band in the instant-on mode. We were traveling at 80 mph in various speed zones. Every time he would flash the radar, I would brake hard to 65 mph.

Right at the Bryan city limit he pulled over and let me pass, then pulled me over. How come, he asked, could he be going 80, his radar readings on me were always 65, yet I was keeping up with him?

I showed him the V1. He was real impressed. Then he showed me his radar and how it worked. The next day he had it pulled out of his car—I know this because he emails me now. He no longer relies on radar. Only laser.

Jay Rankin
Waco, TX