For Lack of a Little Black Number

I take the same route to and from work every day. Recently, our local Sheriff’s Dept. put its speed trailer on the route, spitting K band and flashing when you’re five mph over the limit. V1 always picks it up early and I keep my speed close to the limit.

Then, on my way home yesterday, V1 got real busy. As I approached the trailer, I picked up two K bogeys. I slowed and made for the right lane. The car that had been riding my bumper passed and pulled away. As it topped the hill, “Bam!” bogey number three.

When I reached the crest, I was greeted with a cloud of dust as a Trooper ran down the car that had been my tailgater. The enforcement crew included two deputies in their Crown Vics and another on his Harley running radar.

The next morning, I told my co-workers about my ride home and we had a good laugh. Later, one of guys pulled me aside and asked how I knew there was more than a speed trailer ahead. I said “The one and only V1, baby!” He shook his head and told me that my drafting partner, well, that was his wife, and it was her third ticket.

I told him instead of getting her diamonds for their upcoming anniversary; he should get her a little back number…a V1.

Shane Martin
Flowery Branch, GA