Leading from behind when it counted

In my younger days, I put the pedal to the metal and blurred the weekend roadways. Why stay home? And the long-range detection of V1 was unmatched.

Mind you, this was 20-plus years ago. Alas, the only blemish on my record is one in which V1 had no part…failure to come to a complete stop. There was an argument and my side did not prevail.

But one story still makes me laugh. We routinely made the trek to a blues festival in your state of Ohio over Memorial weekend. Having driven that stretch of the toll road frequently, we were accustomed to seeing Ohio State Troopers greeting us at the border like a welcoming committee. But this time the welcome was issued in bulk.

All the usual prerequisites are involved, a V1 user, concealed display, leeches tight behind, a hill, and the single bogey out front. After all had zoomed past me, I crested the hill just as the massacre began. There was one trooper running the radar and standing in the passing lane. He was simply pointing to cars to pull over! In case you thought your response was optional, there were half a dozen Troopers down the road panting for their pursuit opportunity. It was the sort of hyper-efficient enforcement that has made Ohio famous.

Soon enough, I had a different employer and a less hazardous commute. So a couple of years ago I sold my ever-faithful V1. But change keeps coming悠’m back at the highway commute again and one of my stepdaughters is six hours away, in Ohio as the fates have arranged things. So I am getting two new V1s, to protect my record and hopefully hers.

Lonnie Kizer
South Bend, IN