Led Wrong by Little Man on Left

I have owned three different radar detectors, most recently a Passport. I had considered Valentine One, but the little man on my left shoulder kept saying, “too expensive. What makes it so special that it can demand $400?”

Ignoring the little man on my right shoulder, I yielded to the little man on the left and bought Passport. It was a lot cheaper and it looked important. That was good enough for me and the little man on the left.

One Thursday morning around 6:30am, I got in my car for an 85-mile business trip from New Orleans to Baton Rouge by way of I-10, with my trusted Passport on guard.

This is a routine trip for me. About half way along, I was doing a bit over the 70-mph speed limit in the right lane. Passport had been quiet. I was feeling content and confident. I moved into the left lane to overtake a slower vehicle and accelerated to get by him. Unbeknownst to me, a State Trooper was lying in wait with instant-on radar. As soon as I cleared the other car, Passport started its Brap-Brap-Brap; the Ka indictor glowed. I immediately slowed to the speed of the other car and looked into my mirror. The trooper was coming up behind with his lights on. Guess who got pulled over?

At no time did my Passport warn me until I got in trouble. As I handed over my license, registration, and insurance, the trooper looked into my car and saw Passport brapping like crazy. I saw a trace of a smile. “You got a radar detector,” he said. “It didn’t detect me?”

Stick a fork in me, I’m so done. I was speechless.

I gave away the Passport and purchased a V1 with the Concealed Display and Carrying Case. That was the last time I’ll listen to the little man on the left. If you want the best, you’ve got to pay. There’s nowhere I drive without my Valentine One Radar Locator.

Al Stewart
New Orleans, LA

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