LEOs have a LEO problem, too

I’ve had my V1 one day and already I love how accurate it is. I’m at a traffic light. Cops are beside and behind me. V1 is doing its job, flashing its arrows and counting bogeys.

My destination is the store just past the light. As I pull into the parking lot I notice that so does the cop behind me. He parks in front of me. As I lock my door, he calls me over. I’m thinking he’s going to tell me I have a taillight out or something.

He introduces himself, then asks if the radar detector in my windshield is a Valentine One. He wondered how I like it. Then he says he’s thinking about getting one because he’s tired of being pulled over in his personal vehicle by state troopers.

Mike, just wanted you to know, I gave V1 an outstanding review and suggested it would definitely keep the fuzz off his tail.

Ryan O’Shea
El Paso, TX

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